PAS 125

What is PAS 125 - Specification for Vehicle Damage Repair Process

PAS 125 is the industry agreed technical specification for the process of vehicle body repair. It provides body shops with the processes and procedures directly related to the safe repair of accident damaged vehicles. The specification covers minor cosmetic damage to major structural repairs involving complex materials and techniques.

It details the minimum requirements for competent personnel, appropriate and well maintained equipment, suitable and quality repair methods and focuses these across the four main elements of repair—methods, people, equipment and materials, as well as the repair process and its ongoing management.

We believe ARC Consultants can help you design, document, implement and operate a management system that meets all the requirements of PAS 125.
We will design a system around your existing business practices, and if necessary help you identify and solve the areas of your business that do not conform to the PAS 125 specification.

Where to start

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